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Creme de la Gems ~Givaway!~

My friend has posted a SECRET giveaway!
Hurry on over to her BLOG for the details!

I wonder what it could be? Gee,
I hope I win!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Twighlight Market Begins Today!

Today is the opening of the Twilight Market. Please take some time to wander the aisles and look at all of the wonderful stalls of great vendors. Fairy will be shopping till she drops at this extravaganza! Please join her by searching Sweet Sugar3 or by clicking here to find all of the exciting designs. You are sure to find something one of a kind and beyond adorable in the Twilight Market. I hear there is a little bunny running loose....please watch out for him!!

But wait...Fairy Sweet wanted to share a little something SWEET with you all. She has also opened up a booth of her very own. Please click here to see what fun items she has to offer. You will have a great time looking at her designs!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Twilight Market starts tomorrow!

Fairy arrived at the Market on her shiny pink scooter, in perfect style for such an event. She not only had her sweet hedgie Pincushion by her side, but also was followed by her beloved lightning bug, "Glitter". This was the perfect affair for such a shiny, little companion. She was hoping that her blue and pink dress was just right for the Market as she wanted to make a great impression on all the people visiting from across the land.

The light of the moon cast such a crystal glow on all of the booths in the Twilight Market. Everything looked so glorious! As Fairy began her walk down the strawberry lined streets, she was so excited with what she discovered. The first booth that caught her eye, or should I say nose, was a wonderful flower booth. The flowers were moving about and casting the most yummy smells out of them. She spoke with the owner of the booth, a beautiful Flower Fairy..she was unlike anyone she had ever seen in the Cube. She was telling Fairy Sweet all about her flowers when this adorable, little Bubblegum Pink Flower started to giggle...then a blue flower sneezed. All of the sudden the entire booth was bustling with chatting flowers. Fairy KNEW she just had to take one of the talking flowers home with her...but which one??

Fairy started down another path in the Market that was under an enchanted tree. This path was covered with mushrooms and wild flowers. She hopped from one mushroom cap to another, having such a great time...when all of the sudden she tumbled to the ground. She looked down to see what she had stumbled upon...why it was a wonderful little bunny rabbit. She scooped him into her arms to make sure the fluffy bundle was ok. Then she noticed it had a sweet tag around its neck..her name was Bella. Bella the Bunny...this was a perfect name for such a precious little critter. She knew that the bunny was going to find a very special spot in her life. You know what they say, "A girl can never have too many critters"!!

She visited the magical fairies' booth and there she bought some Sugary Pixie Taffy and a sweet Ladybug dress, just her size. She knew these were items that she could not resist.

After Fairy Sweet had packed all of her new special items safely into her scooter, she set off in search of her dear friend Scarlet Fisk. She knew she MUST be at the Market. Scarlet lived in England and it had been many fairy years since they'd seen each other. She thought she'd caught sight of her friend's red and blue outfit beyond the fairy tree past the wild mushrooms and went off to investigate. Fairy heard a familiar voice calling out,"Fairy....Fairy Sweet!" That English accent was unmistakable... Fairy Sweet let out a squeal, "Scarlet...Scarlet Fisk!" Fairy Sweet ran towards her old friend. "Oh Scarlet, I was hoping you'd be here!". Fairy Sweet ran towards her and the two friends hugged and laughed and giggled as the words came tumbling out, talking at the same time, finishing each other's sentences until Fairy Sweet saw something that made her stop mid sentence. She stopped and stared and then blushed and looked down, her cheeks burning. Scarlet saw her dear friend and smiled.... "Fairy Sweet you remember my brother Yardley? He was just a wee sprite the last time you saw him". Fairy Sweet blushed an even brighter shade of pink, as Yardley took her tiny hand and kissed it. "Pleased to meet you Miss Sweet. I'm Yardley....Yardley Fisk". Fairy Sweet managed to stammer a few words of greeting but her tummy felt like it was full of flutterflies and butterbells and she was sure he could hear her Fairy's heart skipping every third beat. Scarlet just laughed... "Come on," she said. "Lets go and visit Pop Pixie... I heard she's got some new magazines at her newsstand". As they walked off, Fairy Sweet cast a shy glance over her shoulder. Yardley, who was leaning casually against a tree, waved at her with a twinkle in his eye. "Scarlet.......", breathed Fairy Sweet....., "I think I'm in love!". .....

Please join Fairy Sweet next time as we discover just what was inside the magazine she bought from the sweet little Pop Pixie at the news stand......

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The Twilight Market

Oh gosh, I can't believe it is almost time for the twilight market...I am SO excited. Its on Tuesday and I am so looking forward to it. It takes place in the big clearing under the oak tree and all the trees are strung with lanterns and stars and all the stall holders come from every corner of fairy land. There are flower sellers selling magical flowers that change color with your mood and if we are lucky the baker lady from the land of sweets will bring her cupcakes. When you bite into them they taste one way and then suddenly POP the flavor changes -so you might start by eating a creamy vanilla cake and then half way through find yourself munching on a dreamy chocolate one. They are SO much fun, except for that awful year when the naughty pixie cast a spell on them and when they popped they had the most awful fish taste. Oh if you could have seen our faces as our beautiful cupcakes turned into fish! Ooo I feel excited just thinking about it! Its on Tuesday and even Pincusion and I are having a little stall. I'll let you into a little secret -I am really looking forward to visiting the stall run by the British fairies - one of my best friends will be there - every year when she comes we have the BEST fun but THIS year she is bringing her brother - I haven't seen him since we were wee fairy sprites but I HAVE seen a photo - I can't WAIT to meet him.! Maybe our stalls will be next to each other!

SugarBucks are so Sweet!!

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Hello and welcome to my world, Fairy Sweet's World


In a world not far away, just beyond your sugar bowl... a world ruled by butterflies, flowers and gum drops! A world where frogs sing, elephants sparkle and lightning bugs glitter. In this world you will find things you have only imagined... wonderful, shiny, yummy, delightful things. It's a place full of sweet creatures, magical journey and plenty of surprises! Please join Sugar 3 in a journey into a world that will make your mouth giggle, your eyes twinkle, and your heart melt...WELCOME TO THE SUGAR CUBE!

From the moment she was born, Fairy Sweet was a little girl like no other. She was born with a heart upon her cheek. She got her name because whenever people would see her, they would say..."Oh my, she is very sweet!" After hearing this time and time again, soon she became known as "Fairy Sweet". She has wonderful pink hair and styled JUST right! Fairy's smile could make a bumblebee sing. She has a fashion sense like no other in her land and she makes red boots look great all year round! Fairy is a fantastic little girl with so much to share with you. She likes just about anything that shines just like the stars!!!

Fairy Sweet lives in a magical toadstool hidden deep in an enchanted forest. Only a few lucky few ever found their way - but if you ever do find that one enchanted forest, this is what you must do: Follow the path until you find a stone that looks exactly like a crescent moon. Stand on this stone and turn around 3 times- when you stop, a sparkling silver stream will appear before you. Jump over the stream and run as fast as you can along the winding path lined with wildflowers. All at once you will see a wildflower different from all the others - it is shaped like a heart and looks just as if it would like to tell you something.....put your ear to the flower and it will whisper a magical word...close your eyes, let your head fill with wishes and love, then breath the word - when you awaken you will find yourself standing in Fairy Sweet's magical garden.

If you look closely in Fairy Sweet's garden it is full of wonderful things. When you first see it, you will think it is the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. But you must walk down the path lined with wildflowers to understand all the magical things that are happening in this fragrant place. Not only will you smell roses, tulips and cherry also can smell yummy raspberries, cotton candy and chocolate. Her garden has it never know who you will see sitting on a toadstool! You will find the most fantastic flowers dancing all around your feet as you move around the path. You must stop and feed the squirrels and hedgehogs running about. They LOVE to eat gumdrops from the large orange and yellow gum drop trees at the end of the path. You will see butter colored butterflies and busy buzzy bumblebees floating all around the sky. As you pass Fairy Sweet's flower cart, you will see your reflection in a crystal clear pond. This is not just any normal pond, but a singing pond. Upon every lily pad is a perfectly placed green frog singing or humming along in the most amazing tunes. Sometimes they will be singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and other times you will hear them tapping their toes in a rhythm that just makes you smile. Fairy Sweet just adores working among her friends in the garden. She has taken to a very special little critter, Pincushion, the Hedgehog! He caught her eye when she was picking flowers for one of her cupcake tea parties. She thought he was the cutest little hedgie that she has ever seen. They have been together ever since. Fairy Sweet and Pincushion just love to spend time together feeding the horses and birdies in her pink barn. Please watch your step as you walk around the barn as the horses do tend to leave their own treasures behind!

At the very bottom of Fairy Sweet's garden there is a toadstool - it isn't very big to look at, but oh the wonders that wait inside. As you walk toward the toadstool, you will notice it isn't exactly like the other toadstools in the garden. It has windows, a door and even a letter box! As you get closer you begin to believe you might just be able to fit through the door. All you need to do is knock three times and then hop twice on your left foot. The door will open and before you is Fairy Sweet's house - each time you enter, you will find something different. One day, you might be lucky enough to find her library with all her favorite books - Fairy Sweet loves Princess tales. You might also find the room where all her dolls live and play together - if you've never seen a doll that is truly alive, you are really in for a treat. Some days you might just catch a glimpse inside Fairy Sweet's wardrobe - with her red boots, leg warmers and all her fanciest dresses. If your feeling a bit hungry you will probably find Fairy Sweet's kitchen where she loves to bake, especially her favorite food... cupcakes! You never know when the tooth fairy is going to pay a visit!!! Fairy Sweet sleeps in the pretties pink bedroom. Her bed looks like a giant pink TUTU. You know her day is done when she puts on her precious pajamas and drifts to sleep on her pink TUTU cloud.

As Fairy Sweet was showing us around her beautiful garden, she noticed a little blue bird hovering above her head. She saw a shiny letter in his beak. Fairy Sweet took the note and read it. Fairy Sweet squealed with excitement as she discovered it was an invite to the Twilight Market. This is something that Fairy Sweet and Pincushion have been wanting to go to for many years and now they get the chance. Fairy Sweet's mind is swirling with details. What shall she wear? What will she pack? What will it be like? We do hope you join Fairy Sweet and her friends on February 10th as they take the journey to the amazing Twighlight Market, in the CUBE!