Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fairy Sweet's Summer Fashion Tips

While lying on Bubble Beach, Fairy Sweet has had plenty of time to catch up on all the latest mags. So if you want to know what is hot this Summer - she's the gal to ask.
  1. Big Bold Belts - a super dooper easy way to update your look - and if you want to show your wild side - try a animal print belt!
  2. Big Earrings - now just where did I put my big gold hoops circa 1985?
  3. Big Bold Bangles - mmmm a theme developing here perhaps - the more the better according to Fairy Sweet's research.
  4. Colorful Bags - Fairy Sweet has already picked this one up while on vacation!
  5. Short Shorts - time to hit the gym!
So that's what the Fashion Gurus have to say, but Fairy Sweet wants to know what you'll be looking for in the Sugar Cube this summer. What does your little Fashionista or Dude like to wear - what do YOU like them to wear? What kinds of outfits are on your Boutique Custom shopping list this season? Fairy would love to hear your comments :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fairy Sweet's Bubble Beach Story

Each year when the sun is shining high over the Forest, Fairy Sweet gets a call on her sparkly Shellphone - its time! Time to visit Bubble Beach! She packs all her swimsuits, grabs some mags and she's off! Fairy Sweet has so many special friends at Bubble Beach. However, she can only visit when the Shellphone tingles so it is especially exciting. She spends her days playing on the beach with Pink Crabs and Shiny turtles. At 10:09 each day she is ready and waiting at the rockpools, where she meets her friends Lily and Splash the mermaids. They will take her on a special undersea adventure. They visit many undersea friends. Fairy Sweet has so much fun being a mermaid for the morning. Fairy loves the way the salt water bubbles tickle on her shiny mermaid tail. On Wednesdays they go for an extra long swim to the next beach where The Little Mermaid lives... This is always Fairy's favorite part. She just adores Ariel and her wonderful water paradise. After hours of under water adventures Fairy is ready to relax on the beach. Of course she has to change her wet clothes and put on her favorite grass skirt. She loves to relax on the pink sand and listen the the waves crashing upon the shore. The waves create an amazing musical pattern that is just perfect for Fairy's Ocean lullaby. As the twilight falls upon the beach Fairy notices a large Lighthouse on an island in the distance. This gets her very curious as she loves anything that needs to be explored. So she picks up her belongings and boards her ship to make the voyage to the Lighthouse. As Fairy arrives at the island she is surprised to see the sand on this island is not the PINK sand of Bubble beach. This sand is a crystal clear sand. Fairy can not help but think it looks like sugar crystals. As you all know, Miss Sweet adores Sugar. So she just HAS to pick up a small pinch of sand and taste it. YES, just as she imagined...this beach was covered in Sugar!! Not only is that a treat, but as she looked at the lighthouse she noticed a happy Yellow Fello waving at her. Could it be......why YES, it was Spongebob. She was beside herself with excitement. What would she say to him??? This was a moment she was dreaming of. He was much cuter in person. He was also very nice. Fairy asked him for his autograph on a Sea Shell she had in her pocket. She was thrilled to get to try the famous Crabby patty that she had heard so much was delicious!! Her time came to an end with SPONGE (they were on a first name basis) when her Shellphone began to ring, who could it be?? She answered it. It was Yardley!! He was calling to make sure she was having a nice time. He was sure to remind her to wear her sunblock as Fairy could get a burn very easily. Yardley was always so kind to think of Fairy and her safety!! He asked her if she would be returning home soon?? Fairy was having such a wonderful time here on her tropical vacation. Hearing Yardley's voice did make her miss home though. She got to thinking about all the fun she had running in her garden chasing Glitterbugs with Yardley. She told him she would be home very soon. She pulled out a treasure map that she had found when she was picking ocean flowers. This was something that she would want to save for her next adventure to Bubble Beach. She hoped Yardley could join her and they could hunt for treasure together. She carefully tucked the map into her red boots where it would be safe. She put on her sweet Blue and White Sailor dress and packed up her bags for her journey home!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here are the rules:
1.) For each blog comment, you will be entered into the drawing! 1 comment a day please! (Unless you just love to chat, thats ok too!)
2.) Use the contact us button to provide us your name, email address and your posting ID.
3.) If you sign up for our mailing list, you get 1 extra entry into the drawing!
4.) All bidders will get one entry per auction that is bid on.
5.) Drawing to be held on April 22, 2009.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some sweetness added to the CUBE!

Des, of Details-by-Des had a sweet baby boy! Baby Jack was born on March 25, 2009! He weighed in at a whooping 9.6 pounds and was 19.5 inches long! Mom, baby and family are doing great!